D-Link switch breaks Airport Express

Recently I swapped out a 100Mb (annoyingly capitalised) NETGEAR FS108 switch for a 1Gb D-Link DGS-1008D switch. Unfortunately, after having done this the Airport Express that was plugged into the D-Link switch would repeatedly hang, dropping the wireless connection and requiring power cycling the Airport Express.
Unsurprisingly this didn’t take long to get annoying, so I did a quick trip to pick up a 1Gb NETGEAR GS108 switch. After removing the D-Link and putting the NETGEAR in place, the Airport Express hasn’t fallen over yet. Conveniently the NETGEAR “Prosafe” versions (more expensive but in a nice solid metal case rather than plastic) have their status lights above each port on the front of the box, which makes it easier to see which cable is doing what, despite it being a bit uglier with all the cables hanging out the front.
I’d previously heard about the dodginess of D-Link, I guess I was overdue for a reminder.

Leopard keyboard fix for MacBooks, MacBook Pros

Apple have released a keyboard fix for MacBooks and MacBook Pros to fix the annoying “Forgetting I have an internal keyboard” bug:

This update addresses a responsiveness issue on MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers. Some MacBook and MacBook Pro systems may occasionally experience a temporary suspension of keyboard input which can last a minute or longer. The Mac OS X 10.5.1 update is required before installing the MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1.

By “responsiveness issue” they mean you can’t type anything, or the command keys you’re holding down in your App (ie the Finder) go unnoticed when you click/drag.

Too much Cocoa is never enough!

Just got back from 3 days of Cocoa training in Sydney, thanks to the Apple University Consortium (AUC). The training was run by Daniel Woo from UNSW, the class was packed (so much so that they’re running another session in January), and because the base experience level was so high things went pretty quickly over the three days. Lots of fun, and personally I found it very inspirational to be learning and clustergeeking! Someone had written a rudimentary game by the end of the course. There were also lots of hacked iPhones in evidence.

Thankyou to all involved!

(Apparently Apple US can’t even seem to get some Cocoa training for their staff!)

Leopard Finder may restart when changing permissions

Apple have a knowledgebase entry that indicates what you can do to fix the problem of the Finder restarting when you attempt to change permissions under Leopard. It involves using dscl from the commandline to create a GroupMembership and a RecordName with a leading underscore ‘_’. This affects accounts that were transitioned from Mac OS X 10.4