Telstra Ops Chief says Apple should “Stick to its knitting”

Greg Winn, Telstra’s operations chief says “Apple is not a mobile phone manufacturer, that’s not their knitting.” I guess maybe someone should give him a 65th generation iPod? Seems pretty well knitted to me, and Apple wasn’t an MP3 player manufacturer either.

They knit style.

[For those commenters who complained that this link was from February 2007, I don’t actually say anywhere that he said it recently. If you still remembered it from February (I hadn’t seen it before), more power to you (although I have to question why you’d bother to either a) click on the link or b) bother commenting). The post is now edited to say 5th generation iPod as the 6th generation weren’t released until October so he wouldn’t have yet been able to tell how cool they are, despite the preceeding 5 generations of coolness :)]

4 thoughts on “Telstra Ops Chief says Apple should “Stick to its knitting””

  1. shame on you for linking an article from February 2007. I guess I won’t clicking
    on your blog anymore.

  2. Great post, goes to show idiot who said the wrong thing can came back to haunt them endlessly….

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