Software for 3 year olds

We’ve been having a lot of fun playing with a 3 year-old and some not-3-year-old-oriented applications. If you have a 3 year-old handy and would like to try it:

  • Chess (standard in the Mac’s Applications folder). Spin the board in 3D. Push pieces to infinity. Get it to speak its move. Speak your move to it. Watch it play itself. Show a hint. Doesn’t let you turn on ‘permanent’ show hints though, which might be nice.
  • Stellarium – Accelerate time, zoom out so you can see all of North, South, East and West simultaneously. Turn off the ground. Watch the days pass.
  • Celestia – hit ‘d’ to get the demo tour of the Universe.
  • AppleWorks – Open a wordprocessing document and the clip-art Library.Let the child drag things from the clip art library into the wordprocessing document.
  • NeoOffice – Open a wordprocessing document, up the font size and let them type away to their heart’s content
  • Photo Booth – take some photos with them, offer to print them out to give to people

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