NeoOffice, bringing BladeRunner to the desktop

I was looking at the NeoOffice “.odt” document icon today, and it includes a quote from BladeRunner:

NeoOffice bringing the power of to Mac OS X.

NeoOffice is distributed under the GNU General Public License. For more information contact the Free Software Foundation.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t belive. Attack s[hips on] fire off the shoulder [of Orion. I’ve ] watch C-Beams [glitter in the ] dark near the Tanh[auser gate].

All these moments [will be lost] in time like tears in [the rain].

Neooffice text document icon with Bladerunner quote
Neooffice text document icon with Bladerunner quote

Public Xgrid projects

So if you want to donate some processor time for the good of humankind (perhaps calculating how much global warming all that extra processor use is causing), you could participate in Stanford’s Xgrid@Stanford project (interestingly the site makes reference to Xgrid FUSE which uses MacFUSE to turn an Xgrid controller into a file system, and let you browse Xgrid tasks via the Finder.

Alternatively you might want to donate cycles to OpenMacGrid, to which you can also submit research proposals if you want to get time on OpenMacGrid.

Leopard, now with less disk corruption

So, back in August 2005 I wrote about some apparent disk corruption with external firewire drives. This week I got a followup e-mail from Apple telling me that the problem is believed to have been fixed in Leopard. I hope nobody was using external firewire drives for the past 2 years or so… And I hope they’re all going to upgrade!

[with apologies to anyone who got this twice via a feed due to a problem with one of my servers]