QuickTime for Java doesn’t let you access B-frames

From a a post to the QuickTime-Java mailing list, Apple’s response regarding QuickTime exception -1409=Unknown:

QuickTime for Java currently provides no B-Frame sample-level support. The movie FigtreeChurch.mov, as provided by you, is encoded using H.264 (Main Profile) which utilises B-Frames. As verification, replacing FigtreeChurch.mov with a movie of another codec type functions with the your application as expected.

Chris Adamson (author of QuickTime for Java: A Developer’s Notebook) says:

QuickTime 7 adds new image compression API’s, which were necessitated by the addition of the frame-reordering H.264. These API’s, like ICMCompressionSessionEncodeFrame, were never wrapped by equivalent QTJ calls, and sending the new codec to the old image compression API produces an error.

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