Mac OS X File system goodness

Uber Mac OS X explorer Amit Singh (author of “Mac OS X Internals”) is employed by Google as their Mac Engineering Manager. As part of his 20% spare time (yay Google!), he’s ported the Filesystem in User Space (FUSE) code to the Mac, allowing developers to write filesystems support without having to mess around writing your own kernel extensions.
Also, (obviously), there’s a blog by the Google Mac developers.

2 thoughts on “Mac OS X File system goodness”

  1. I have purchased a set of 3 Photodiscs to store photos on my new Macbook Pro intel chipped computer.

    I have already used another disc to save photos and found it an easy and straightforward process.

    When I put the Fujifilm Photodisc CD-R in the superdrive slot it spun around for a while before being rejected.
    I repeated the trial but the disc was rejected each time by the computer.

    Is this normal?

    I spoke to Fuji by telephone and they were to ring me back. They never did.
    I spoke to Apple technical support. They only seemed interested in whiling away the minutes and could not answer my query.

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