MacWorld 2007 keynote coverage

It looks like at least one place you can go to for live MacWord 2007 keynote coverage is

Now only some 2 hours away (that’s 2am for me 🙂

Rumoured announcements include

  • iLife 07, complete with spreadsheet
  • Mac Pros with quad core Intel Xeon processors (conveniently announced by Intel earlier this week 🙂
  • More details about Leopard (rumours currently include more geotagging support for integrating positional information into the OS, like AddressBook, etc. This would be very cool. Then perhaps Macs with inbuilt GPS support?)
  • A release of Leopard (just to annoy Bill)
  • iPhones
  • More on the iTV
  • Displays (32″? Projectors? e-ink?)

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