iTV, New 80Gb iPods, Coloured Nanos, SpotPod

Apple have dropped prices on the iPods, added an 80Gb model, added “Completely remastered” coloured 2Gb Nanos made out of Aluminium, 4Gb in colours and 8Gb in black with 24 hours batteries , searching of iPod content, and games like Pac-Man, Tetris etc. that can be downloaded from the iTunes store. Smaller Shuffles. Downloading album covers from iTunes store. Cover flow views to let you flick between the cover images. TV shows going to 640×480. Content can now be synced using your iPod between two machines with the same authorization (ie Home and Work). Gapless playback of album content. Redesigned iTunes look and feel. 75+ Movies available today. US$12.99 for new releases, otherwise $9.99. Available same day as DVD’s. Parental controls now extended to MPAA ratings.

Also, the iTV set top box with ethernet, 802.11,USB2 and IR remote input and HDMI, optical audio and component video out. Looks like a flattened Mac mini. Very Cool. 1st Quarter of 2007. I wonder if anyone else is going to beat them to it now that they’ve pre-announced it by

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