So, I’m looking for a message I’ve received in, but of course it doesn’t appear when I do a search (which is now of course powered by Spotlight). Fortunately I can still grep the Library/Mail folder. Sigh.

While we’re at it, here’s a link to my new Technorati Profile. Because the old one is lost somewhere in Technorati’s database.

Today’s downloads

PowerBook battery exchange program confusion

So I went to Apple’s Battery Exchange Program web site and entered my PowerBook’s serial number, and its battery serial number. Then, after it said they were both covered by the recall, I printed out the web page (twice, so I had a copy of my battery’s serial number).

I then e-mailed my local on-campus Apple reseller. I got back two responses, one saying I needed to fill out the form and bring it in with my battery, the other indicating that they were still waiting to hear back from Apple about what to do.

I then took my battery in and dropped it off with the printout. They wanted me to write my contact details on the printout. I then asked for a receipt (after all, the batteries cost AU$100+), and they then made me fill out a service submission form for the battery.

I’m hoping they streamline the procedure by the time everyone else brings their batteries back for replacement.

My WWDC feedback

Suggestions on how to make WWDC better:

  • Wait until after the Keynote to provide the pocket programme guides so there aren’t huge ‘To be announced’ sections that make the programme guides useless.
  • Hot food was ok, but need better food in the cold lunchboxes.
  • Get the Company Store to run a booth at WWDC rather than trying to get everyone through the store during the Campus Bash.
  • Need more concrete info on what will be in the next OS release, developer seed needs to be closer to the release GM. Developers don’t want to develop for immature technologies that may change or get axed before final release.
  • Have a wind-down event on the last day.
  • Management of Apple staff and speakers was annoying to them and other attendees, ie having to enter venues last, having to get their food separately etc.
  • Management of venue seating and queuing was a bit over the top and could have been toned down.
  • What exactly is the point of the NDA? Is Apple worried about someone stealing its ideas? Surely if you wanted to steal Apple’s ideas you could just pay to attend WWDC yourself. It’s not like the Microsoft development team aren’t there.

Forget Me Not

This is great, I always have dozens of tabs open in Safari, and I find the AppleScripts for saving and reloading the tabs to be, well, unreliable.

Now, Forget Me Not is a Safari plugin that remembers what tabs you had open and re-opens them when you launch Safari again. It requires you to instal SIMBL (Smart Input Manager Bundle Loader) though. And there’re some security concerns about Input Managers.

But it seems to work for me. There’s also a Firefox/Mozilla plugin which does a similar thing.