Kip document management software

Kip is designed to let you manage your documents and includes

  • Scanning (if you’ve got a Mac OS X ImageCapture compatible scanner, which I don’t. It does let you import images/PDFs)
  • .Mac compatibility (hard to know how this works as I don’t have .Mac)
  • Tag clouds, which is the first Mac native implementation of them I’ve seen (aside from web browsers, obviously).
  • Searching

Other cool things include the ability to zoom in by mousing over sections of a document in the central pane’s catalogue view.

Kip is downloadable from here.

Currently Kip is a free demo but they’ll be charging for future versions.

Apple’s new wireless Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

Apple have beefed up the Mighty Mouse by adding laser tracking and Bluetooth.

I must say I really like my wired Mighty Mouse at work so I’ll probably shell out for one of these at some stage for home. I find the track-pea really good for navigating around windows in 2d, rather than just a scrollwheel (even the ones that scroll in all 4 directions).

Ethernet auto-negotiation v full-duplex

An interesting page mentioned by Rob Middleton on the MacEnterprise mailing list indicates that if you turn on auto-sensing on only one side of an ethernet link, the appropriate behaviour is for the auto-sensing side to drop the connection to half-duplex. So for full duplex you either need to manually configure both ends, or have auto-sensing turned on at both ends of the link.