So, looking at changing the name of a mailing list running under Mailman.

So, we could just export the list of users from the existing Mailman mailing list, then create a new mailing list and mass subscribe the exported users.

This would not be too much trouble.

It looks like someone even requested the ability to export a list of users. Back in September 2003. The status of the request? Open. (Yes, you could go through all 26 letters of the alphabet to extract the users, but that would suck). You could probably also hack it if you had access to files on the server, which I don’t.

Sure enough, by default Mailman doesn’t run out of a MySQL database. If it did then changing the mailing list name would be too easy (at worst, use mysqlbackup, munge the text file, re-import 🙂

No, instead you need to do something like this.

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