UWA, 2006, Day 3

Forgot I was in pay parking. Fortunately only 1.5 hours overtime and didn’t get caught.

Driving home, once again it looked like there was a prang at the corner of Winthrop Ave. and Poole Ave.

Meanwhile, little problems x many machines x more time = increasing levels of pain.

In other news, Intel Core Duo Mac Mini’s with Gigabit Ethernet and optical Audio. Yum! Shame they don’t have much in the way of VRAM.

I note also that GanttProject now supports collaboration via a WebDav server. Will have to try it out. Much project management goodness.

Was dial-an-old-guy today to rescue Vegetus from being the oldest person in the UniSFA clubroom 🙂

Resisted temptation to pick up any dead LaserWriters or old Macs from the giveaway tables in the Arts building. Count of LaserWriters on my premises currently: 0. I’ve checked twice 🙂

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