Daylight saving sucks

If you’re in the eastern states of Australia and have installed your OS patches (Win,Mac OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.x,10.4.x Server) for this year’s changes to daylight saving (thanks to the Commonwealth Games, daylight Savings stops next weekend rather than last weekend) and still can’t work out why your Java apps aren’t handling the time change correctly, you need to upgrade your version of Java. (This will also affect changes to the US’s daylight savings next year.) It definitely affects Windows, not sure if Mac OS X Java suffers the same fate.

Java has its own set of timezone information embedded in it. Yay.

Of course, being in WA I otherwise don’t care.

Another reason not to bank with BankWest

So, anyone got an idea how to contact the Mozilla/Macintosh help desk?

Thank you for your enquiry.

The browser/operating system you are using is not supported by BankWest
and accordingly, we cannot provide assistance in that regard.

While we understand your concerns and acknowledge that there are many
other operating systems and browsers available, many have been found
inadequate in some way for use with our internet banking facility.

Accordingly, the Bank supports only the major browsers and operating
systems in general usage.

Please refer to the following page on our web site

We suggest you refer to the Mozilla/Macintosh helpdesk for assistance.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us again.
Yours sincerely
Di Roach
Customer Help Centre


So, Alsoft’s web site says in their support database:

Q: DiskWarrior has been running for a long time; did my computer hang?

A: … The size of the directory, the number files on the disk, the amount of memory in the computer, and the speed of the hard disk also effect the time frame for rebuilding the directory. …

I gave up after running it for a month 🙁


So, looking at changing the name of a mailing list running under Mailman.

So, we could just export the list of users from the existing Mailman mailing list, then create a new mailing list and mass subscribe the exported users.

This would not be too much trouble.

It looks like someone even requested the ability to export a list of users. Back in September 2003. The status of the request? Open. (Yes, you could go through all 26 letters of the alphabet to extract the users, but that would suck). You could probably also hack it if you had access to files on the server, which I don’t.

Sure enough, by default Mailman doesn’t run out of a MySQL database. If it did then changing the mailing list name would be too easy (at worst, use mysqlbackup, munge the text file, re-import 🙂

No, instead you need to do something like this.

UWA, 2006, Day 3

Forgot I was in pay parking. Fortunately only 1.5 hours overtime and didn’t get caught.

Driving home, once again it looked like there was a prang at the corner of Winthrop Ave. and Poole Ave.

Meanwhile, little problems x many machines x more time = increasing levels of pain.

In other news, Intel Core Duo Mac Mini’s with Gigabit Ethernet and optical Audio. Yum! Shame they don’t have much in the way of VRAM.

I note also that GanttProject now supports collaboration via a WebDav server. Will have to try it out. Much project management goodness.

Was dial-an-old-guy today to rescue Vegetus from being the oldest person in the UniSFA clubroom 🙂

Resisted temptation to pick up any dead LaserWriters or old Macs from the giveaway tables in the Arts building. Count of LaserWriters on my premises currently: 0. I’ve checked twice 🙂