Melbourne, Day 3: Whippets

Last day of the install. Of course today is the day that all the changes wind up happening. This is not good, but it is What The Client Wants(tm). It also reduces the amount of time available for their training. Everything seems to be working, and I get to put my MySQL skills to use. We head off into the sunset, our misson here done (for the moment at least).

Then it’s a quick wind down at the hotel and off to Southbank to meet up with my cow-orker’s XBox clan, the Whippets (no, I do not have an XBox. I still resent them because Microsoft bought Halo from Bungie when it was just about to be released for the Mac). Dinner is at The Blue Train, (which I later discovered was started by the person who also started Taxi/Transport and Upper/Lower House in Federation Square, and is one of the busiest restaurants in Melbourne).

Amusingly it seems that many of the clan used to hang out in the foyer of an XBox Rambo game, which is where you go when you’re dead. Obviously it offered more socialisation opportunities.

After dinner it was off to eat icecream under the footbridge. Chocolate chilli was great, starting off with chocolate-cinammon flavours with a nice warm chilli aftertaste. The Yarra crawled past like something out of The Blob.

Back to the hotel and tonight’s marathon of Men In Black (the Animated series). The previous evening was Invader Zim. Very distracting.

Meanwhile, Telstra’s wireless access point at the hotel has never SMS’d me to tell me it had finished charging me. I imagine it’s still billing me until I have to mortgage the house again or something.

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