Today: Now even the bus driver is wearing an iPod (safety concerns?). Had some screen scraping success with Perl’s WWW::Mechanize (yeah, I couldn’t find anything like it in Python :). Server is giving me dodgy filesystem errors. Need to clear 250Gb or so. Beware the upper lawn outside Hackett coffee lounge, it’s full of prickles. Plotting the next fortnight and a bit’s activities, which is rapidly running into Christmas activities. Got ‘invited’ to a full day of meetings 🙁 and the Christmas party 🙂 Uniclub has an Elvis impersonator tomorrow. Fixed my status/phone-home scripts, I think (sometimes gmail doesn’t POP everything it’s meant to unless you poke it). Puggle’s Aunt is corrupting him. No writing, but some ideas, duly noted.

Playing catch-up

So, here’s the story:

  • Server stops booting off its normal boot disk 🙁
  • Attempts to get the drive to boot again fail (including system restores etc.)
  • Create a new boot disk and boot off that, but it’s of course missing most of the data files. E-mail is now working though (for me at least), and that’s mission critical.
  • Try many and varied different booting options (fix privileges, delete prefs files, check the logs, etc). Unable to boot off anything except the new boot drive.
  • Some time passes.
  • Apple release the 10.4.3 update yesterday. I apply it to the drive that no longer boots. Try booting, and bingo!
  • Transfer all the mail across from the old drive.
  • Rejoice a little