Uni, UniSFA, etc.

Where else on campus can you go during your lunchtime to listen to people debating the finer points of killing Tyrannosaurii Rex (including the option of using a lightsaber). Not to mention that Jurassic Park should have been Cretaceous Park 🙂

The lady at the Ref offered me 2 parathas with my chickpea curry (she said they don’t sell many). Woohoo! Looking at the chicken kebab tray I realised I’d forgotten to bring my infrared thermometer, I’m sure that bain marie is sitting well below the hazard point, something in there disagreed with me last week.

Got to play with an XServe RAID today. They’re pretty heavy with all 14 drive units installed. Mmm… storage. It’s got 2 of: FibreChannel, a serial port for talking to the UPS, and ethernet. Two slot-in RAID cache backup batteries. Dual power supplies (with snap on clips to keep the power cables from coming off accidentally). Sadly the XServes themselves don’t have redundant power supplies.

Caught the bus home knowing I’d get to change my car tyre when I got home. On the plus side, I got to use my lamp which hasn’t been used since Sungroper days. Discovered the nasty screw sticking into the tyre, and that really my boot needs a cleanout. I have no idea how long that tin of tuna has been in there.

Played with a demo of the ReadIRIS OCR software. Very cool. Fast, creates PDFs (multipage if needed) with the original image combined with the searchable OCR text. These of course are picked up by Spotlight as they’re written to disk and are immediately searchable. I chewed through my pile of scanned document TIFFs archive quite rapidly. Way cool.

I also think the Safari update has reduced its RAM hogging ability somewhat. Yay! Now I’ve just got to beat my 16 days uptime.

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